Booster club fundraising

Generally, booster club fundraising ideas are used to have fun, make money, and increase the coffers of the organization. A booster club is a group that is organized solely to contribute money to a sports team, a band, an academic, social, or art club. In America, booster clubs are quite popular. Because of these organizations, children, especially, can more readily participate in extra-curricular activities. Activities outside of the classroom are often expensive and cumbersome. When parents have several school-age children at the same time, the costs to participate in color guard, cheer leading, football, or golf often become cost prohibitive. Each child must have the opportunity to be awarded when all requirements of receipt of funds from the booster club fundraising ideas are met. Boosters are organized and run by the parents of the students who are participating in the activities. The U.S. government allows these organizations to have a non-profit status. Along with this status comes the responsibility to treat every children equally. If the organization makes grants or scholarships available to parents, these funds must be equally available to all of the participants.

Some fun and interesting booster club fundraising ideas include: 1) A themed movie night, with a speaker. This type of event could make decent money for the organization. If the organization is a choral group, then the movie could be about a choral group. The speaker could be someone who has had some success in a choral group. There could be questions and answers after the movie. Snacks and beverages could be sold to make money. 2) Guess how many? A sealed jar is presented, filled to the brim with candy, tokens, money, nuts, or even an item related to what the group does. Each person gets to guess the number of items; for a price. The winner is awarded by recognition in the paper or free admission to an event. 3) Sell ice cold refreshments on a hot day. A cooler full of any beverage that is not readily available on campus will do. The organization would buy in bulk and sell individual bottles. 4) A Mother’s Day breakfast or a Father’s Day dinner for family members, staff, and friends of the boosters who come and enjoy a simple, yet delicious meal. The team or group, who are the beneficiaries of booster club fundraising ideas, act as wait staff. Food and beverage donations could be sought from local grocery and speciality shops. 5) A talent show and art exhibition could turn a few dollars. Line the walls with artwork from art classes and present several acts on stage. Charge admission and concurrently hold a silent auction for the artwork. 6) Even better than a silent auction, is a blind auction. Why not simply wrap the items and allow people to offer their bids sight unseen. They would be able to pick up the items, shake them, measure them, or whatever it takes to get them to offer a price.

Classic, but often overlooked in booster club fundraising ideas is the “a-thon.” True, the walk-a-thon gets a lot of play. However a dance-a-thon, a skate-a-thon, a stay-awake-a-thon, a talk-a-thon, or a sing-a-thon, are rarely used for fundraisers. Anything a person can do, in which it takes stamina to do for long periods, would make a good “a-thon.” People would pay a certain amount for so many minutes or hours that the “a-thoner” continues to perform. For example; if its a sing-a-thon, for each hour of singing a donor might pay $1. The singer is encouraged to get as many sponsors as possible to pay the most money per hour possible. Then, after the “a-thon” is complete, the donations are collected.

Then, there is the opposite of the the “a-thon.” A “non-event.” Invitations, pledge cards, and even tickets can be sold or offered whereby the event or activity will not actually take place. The sponsor donates anyway and the event is not held. All of the proceeds from this type of fundraiser is kept with the organization. There is so much more to fundraising than selling candy, magazine subscriptions, and cookie dough. One’s imagination can carry them away to many booster club fundraising ideas. With just a little thought and preparation, a group can come up with various ideas that generate capital, are fun, and keep the organization’s coffers full.