Who taught this class?

  • I am a volunteer mom, not an expert!
  • 4 kids graduated from GPS, and 3 grandchildren currently in GPS
  • 12 years with Band Boosters and PTSO

Here to share ideas
Goal to help each other and help the students
These are ideas that worked for GBB
Make/share/change a plan
Tax credits
Student accounting
Formal vs. Informal/Student Club
We have bylaws for a reason. Use Them!
Purpose of the organization
Two check signers
Amendment to modify budget
Annual Treasurer’s report
Audits/financial review
Treasurer term limits
Make a Plan
What are your goals?
Setting up your budget
Consult teacher/coach/advisor
Use a budget committee
Are two budgets for you?
Sample General Budget
Sample Detailed Budget Line
Costs to include in budget
Carry over for next year
Costs to maintain parent organization
AZ Corporation Commission
Website fees
Banking fees
Office supplies
Hospitality (illness, death, etc.)
Socials (including facility charges)

Cannot compel to fundraise
Purpose of non-profit, 501c3
May be required if a class
Include in detailed budget
Budget line or “scholarship”
Teacher determines who qualifies
Keep confidential

Share Your Plan
Approve budget per bylaws
They become public record
Parent meeting-everyone on same page
Pie chart for parents
Follow the Plan
Document expenses/receipts
Members should be advised of budget limits
Reimbursement forms
Follow the Plan (cont’d)
Envelopes at large events
2 people to count and deposit (not spouses)
Third party to keep signed tally of event
Minors should not handle funds
No monies to treasurer (or anyone’s) home
Credit cards…. Used by board and/or parents as payment
Treasurer should be present at meetings w/treasurers report
Donation receipt

Plan to Change
Follow bylaws for amendments
Robbing Peter to pay Paul…. Going over budget
Vote to add a budget line
Tax Credits
Tax credits belong to district, not parent organization. Request by teacher
Need copy of receipt. Do not make payment on their behalf
Can pay through District website. Easy!
Cannot be part of your budget
Put in margin “paid by tax credit”
What can you use tax credits for?
Tax advice… refer to their accountant
Student “Accounting”
Non-profit laws (refer to IRS website)
Members cannot benefit individually
No individual accounts
Tracking of individual fees
Monthly statements
Use caution posting what students owe
Parents should not contact other parents to collect monies.
Excess monies/debts can roll over to new year

Student “Accounting” cont.
AZ Law-if student participates in fundraising, must benefit individually
Approval process (authorization form)
Covered by District if approved
Consider portion of individual fundraising to general funds