Communication Class

This class was taught at our Annual Kick off on Aug 24, 2013

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Making the Most of Communication Channels

“You Cannot NOT Communicate”

What kind of Communicator are you?

Why do you belong to a parent group? Why don’t parents get involved?

Define the Benefits – Brainstorm with your Board

How to run a brainstorming session –

1. What does the parent group do for students?

2. What does this group do for parents and staff?

3. Why do parents spend time working with this group as opposed to all the other

things they could be doing with their time?

Now communicate that message – Tell them….and tell them again!

Talk up the benefits ~ Share Your Accomplishments ~ Create a Brochure ~

Get Personal ~ Put Parents First ~ SAY THANK YOU! ~

KISS Them! – Keep It Short & Simple –

REVIEW: 1) Have a clear message of who you are

2) Be creative and smart about how you convey the message.

Communication Class Files - Download