The Basics

When should we use flyers?
Use flyers to remind parents about events or approaching deadlines, such as the due date for fundraising orders. Try to distribute the flyers at least a week in advance.

How much information should flyers have?
Stick to the basics: who, what, where, and when, especially if you are posting the flyer at school. It’s OK to include more detail in flyers given to parents, but keep in mind that cramming too much on a flyer can make it unattractive and hard to read. People should be able to determine at a glance what the flyer is about.

It’s OK to get creative with fun clip art or a whimsical font. Just be sure that the flyer is easy to read at a glance: If people can’t tell what the topic is in three seconds, you should tweak your design.

Make key information the most prominent. For an event, make the name and date of the event larger than other details included on the flyer.

Avoid using dark paper colors, which can make text hard to read.

If your Parent Group has a logo, use it on your flyers to set them apart from materials produced by the school.
Flyer Etiquette

Ask the school office where and how the Parent Group is allowed to hang flyers. The principal may need to approve flyers before they go up. And staff members may not want tape stuck to windows or newly painted walls.

If you are advertising an event, remember to take down all of the flyers after it’s over. Don’t leave that job for the school custodian to do.