So as we planned out Read-a-thon Funraiser we didn't want to have "Prizes" that the kids got when they reached a goal, we didn't want to spend the money for it and we wanted all kids to win! So we decided to have assembles that where fun and all the kids would want to have happen. Its like the idea of having the Principal shave his head or something like that. 2 that where really successful where "Mythbusters" and Dirty Jobs"  

Just use your imagination, Dirty Job, anything gross, have teachers and Principal try things. Mythbusters we had a cherry picker brought in so our look a like hosts could drop things, we did the Coke and Mentos (makes a mess) we did the assemblies outside. 

Here are so comments by the gal who organized it. Its been about 8 years since we did these, so she is going off memory


We did dry-ice bombs and we dropped a TV and watermelon and gallons of milk off of a crane. I remember pouring honey all-over Jason and then dumping a pi

llow full of feathers on him. I also remember a bunch of grapes in little baby pools and teachers and kids getting in with their feet and stomping them.

I think that was mythbuster stuff. Dirty jobs was some of the dirty jobs around the school. Something with the school nurse and she had to slice open som

ething on someone's arm and she squirted Mayo everywhere and  then ketchup.

I think we did the lunch lady too and she had food all-over her but I really don't know how we went about pulling it all off.

Jason with the honey was dirty jobs. That was not mythbusters.

Maybe the grape stomping was dirty jobs as well-and that went along with the cafeteria lady.