Event Coordinator Sheet


Your Time Is A Precious Gift To Us!

Thank you for volunteering to coordinate:________________________!

The budget for this event:_________________.

Please keep all receipts for reimbursement and submit to:_________________.

After your event is completed, we’d love to know how you did it!

Please share the following information to assist coordinators in the future.

Who served on your planning committee?

How many people attended (adults/children)?

How much did the event cost to run? (Please give a general breakdown.)

Did you feel you had an adequate budget?  If no, why?

How was the event communicated?

How many volunteers did you have?  Were there enough?

What methods did you use to get volunteers?

If food was served, please list items and quantities bought and used (be specific).

What worked well?

Any suggestions to improve things that could’ve gone better?

Any other information that could be of assistance to next year’s coordinator?

Thanks again for your help!