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Thank you to all those who came to our Superhero Quarterly Meeting on March 31, below are a few pictures  and links to downloads and  information from this event!



March 2016 Sworn to Protect Files (End of the year helps)

Make and Take Ideas

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Hand Santizer Gift




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 Stressbuster small gift



  • Review bylaws before elections.
  • Bylaw committee to review and suggest changes.
  • Copies to the new board members.
  • Define new board member duties.
  • Do bylaws require an end of year financial review to your general membership/ parents?
  • Do bylaws require an audit/financial review of the Treasurer?


  • Audit and/or financial review.
  • Prepare a “proposed” budget for the next year.
  • Leave enough $ for the new board.
  • Set-up a date to change check signers.
  • Change passwords.


  • Always be looking and training new board members.
  • Get word out (Newsletters, Social Media)
  • Committee nominates worthy candidates for each board position.
  • Advertise the ballot prior to elections.
  • Refer to Bylaws on Elections.


  • Set a date to give notes and materials from outgoing board member to new board member. (Notebook, electronic documents)
  • Leave formal documents of organization (taxes, 501(c)(3) paperwork, bylaws, budgets, bank statements, etc.) with the organization.
  • Leave “contacts” new members might need. (School contacts -Who approves fundraisers, other they may work with, fundraising contacts.)
  • Leave calendar for when things should be done, and who should do them. (Tax deadline, District paperwork, When to submit fundraisers, When to schedule school for events)
  • Leave the new board with as much in place for next year as possible.
  • Calendar annual events.
  • Calendar fundraising.
  • Proposed Budget.
  • Invite new board to the last few meetings of the old board. Include a debriefing.
    • What worked well.
    • What didn’t work.
    • What could be improved.
  • Recognize and thank those who have helped you.