Volunteerism-Filling the Gap


  • Ice breaker
  • Bio.’s


Group info.

  • How many years have you volunteered?
  • Labor stats
  • Non-attribution statementA bit about the group
  1. Proclamation

IV. 3 R’s of Volunteerism (complements district 3 R’s)

  1. Recruiting (Rigor)
  2. Retaining (Relevance)
  3. Rewarding (Relationship)
  1. Recruiting
    1. How do you currently recruit? What is your recruiting objective?
      1. i. Are you organization driven?
      2. ii. Are you individual/skill set driven?
    2. Org./indiv. Recruiting, correlates to utilization
      1. i. Where do you generally use volunteers now?
      2. ii. Come up with 5 new innovative areas of potential utilization.

VI. Retaining

  1. Why have you stayed? Motivation?
  2. Common courtesies of interacting and retaining volunteers
  3. Know yourself quiz (communication styles; 5-7min)
  1. Rewarding
    1. How do you currently reward your volunteers now?
    2. What is meaningful? Possible limitations?
    3. New district wide recognitions
      1. i. Vol. of the month
      2. ii. “Thank you Thursday”
  1. Closing
    1. Involuntary Volunteerism-making sure your volunteers return because they want to
    2. Review the 3 R’s