Vendors It’s a two way street

Class that was given on Aug 25th 2012 at our annual Kick Off

How we can give back to a vendor

Offer to advertise their business- Marque, event program, PTO newsletter, poster, advertise on the PTO web site, and the Vnet directory.

Give them your contact information so they have a point of contact at the school.

Ask if they have any fundraising ideas that you could work on with your school

Ask them to be an actual participant, let them know you need volunteers

Encourage your board to patronize them

Go back and shop/eat/purchase from them

Don’t always ask for a handout – buy something!

Ask them if they would like to adopt your school. Give them benefits and information, they give you product and services

Leave good records of contact information for future officers

SAY THANK YOU!! Show them how they have been advertised, send a card and pictures, do a press release, send a good news article to Community Relations at the district, put on school marquee, if big enough donation, give them a plaque for their business stating they support the schools (that’s also advertising for your school!)

Thanks a ton for helping out ~

You are very generous ~ Thanks for everything

I can’t thank you enough ~

Words can’t describe how thankful I am ~

All I can say is, Thanks! ~

I appreciate your time ~ I appreciate your generosity