1. Your PTO’s organizational status. Is the PTO an informal yet independent group, a school committee, a nonprofit corporation, and/or a federally registered tax-exempt charity?
  2. Your PTO’s tax ID number, also known as the employer identification number.
  3. Your PTO’s fiscal year—that is, your PTO’s business year. It does not need to match the calendar year or the school year.
  4. Your PTO’s annual budget.
  5. Your bank and the type of account(s) you have.
  6. The current bank balance (approximate is OK).
  7. Your PTO’s check-signing policy. Ideally, your PTO requires two signatures on checks and prohibits anyone from signing a check made out to herself.
  8. The location of the PTO checkbook.
  9. How to read the treasurer’s reports.
  10. The name and type of accounting system used by the PTO. Are your financial records kept in a (paper) journal book, in an accounting system on your treasurer’s home computer, or in a web-based computer system accessible to all members of the executive board?