Unpaper Your Parent Group

Cutting back on how much paper your group uses will mean less time copying—and more money saved.

Here are simple, sensible things your Parent Group  can do to reduce its paper use:

Flyers:(more for elementary school) How many sets of siblings are at your school? Just a bit of work one time can help you create a list of youngest siblings in each classroom, and all-school flyers can then go one per family.

Combining communications. How aobut a once-a-week announcement package. Rather than sending home each flyer whenever it’s copied, event chairs at our school are asked to get their messages to the communications committee. The committee then compiles simple messages onto one page. Some flyers remain standalone, but they go home with the same packet.

Minutes and reports. It’s OK to summarize these items at your meetings and post the full documents on your school or parent group website.

Email. It’s time to make this your main way for communicating with your group.  The problem for Parent Groups is that we can’t just write off those parents who don’t have email.

Today, though, the time is right. Survey your parents. At most schools, the vast majority of families have email accounts. Often, each mom and dad has a personal address; email actually makes it easier for office-based parents to stay connected. If there are a handful of families without email, you can make accommodations for them. Three printed copies is far different from 300.