Here are some of the items taught in this class, I am still waiting for the other teacher to get me her info.

Composition Notebook PurseIMAG0276 IMAG0275

To a teacher with a lot of “personality”

Buy comp. notebooks at back to school deal time (mini notebooks are at Dollar Tree in 3- packs)   *Use a heavy duty razorblade knife (I used Husky) and a cutting board and saw off 2 tips of book. Trace book around scrapbook paper (cardstock best) & label front/back & cut. * Modge podge one side – put cardstock on to glue and press bubbles out. Do same with other side. (pay attention to the “f” and “b” on back of paper!) Best if do not modge podge top. *Hot glue the ribbon onto the inside flap at the top to loop both sides (front & back) of purse so it looks like a handle. * You can put decorations or a flap/Velcro or teacher’s initial on  



IMAG0271Great for back to school possessions teacher loans out.

Have parents who drink coffee collect their cans for you. Measure & tape 2 scrapbook pages together so it fits around outside of can.   Attach with hot glue. Glue “mine” signs to both sides of the black circle but one one side add the brown popcycle holder. Add a flower & a bee. With tape, attach “mine” lables to pencils or things you would expect to loan. Add note cards, etc.