From Mirkwood Designs:

Triangle Petal Card 

Square Petal Card 

Pentagon Petal Card 

Hexagon Petal Card 

Pillow Box 

Interlocking Card 

Interlocking Envelope 

Pyramid Box 

Hexagonal Box 

Heart Basket 

Card Portfolio 

Basic Envelope 

Fan Card 

Secret Heart Card 

Match Box 

Take-Out Box 

Butterfly Card 

CD Label 

Artist Trading Card Envelope 

Artist Trading Card Cutting Diagram 

U.S. Money Holder 

Wine Glass Shade 

Library Card Book Pocket 

Postage Stamp Envelope 

Trapezoid Box 

Open Hand

Closed Hand 

Beaded Dragonfly 

Pop-Out Heart Card 

Flap Box 

Dressmaker’s Mannequin 

Cake Box 

Mug Card 

Velvet Sack 

Candy Box 


Card Folder 

Triptych Cards 

Bon-Bon Box 

Icicle Treat Box 

Playing Card Box 

Mini Manila File Folder 

Milk Carton Box 

Kimono Card 

Champagne Bottle Card 

Apron Card 

Chopstick Holder Folding Diagram 

Vest Card 

3-D Flower Card 

iPod Cover 

3-D Flower Card With Pointed Petals 

Centre-Tie Card 

Woven Heart

Button Box 

Suitcase Box 

Faux Postage 

Purse Envelope 

Paper Doll 

From Stampington:

Circle Card Template
Tri-fold Template
Fanciful Fan Template
Box Template
Pyramid Box Template
Chair Template
Tag Booklet Template
Sandal (Flip Flop) Template
French Fry Container Template
Fortune Cookie Template
Cake Slice Template

Tent Template

Mug Template
Ellison Gift Box Template
Pocket Card Template
Flip Card Template

From The House of Stir Fry:


Stationery Box 


Pyramid Box 


Tunnel Card Template


Sliding Window Card Template



Swing Card Template



  Swing Card #2 Template 

Changing Image Card Template 

Covered Slider Card Template 

Paper Doll Template 

Library Pocket,Tag & Library Card 

Small Library Pocket & Tag 

Raffle Tickets Template 

Small File Folder Template 

Mini File Folder Template 

Teeny, Tiny File
Folder Template

Playing Card & Box Template 

Tags, Tags & more tags! 

Mardi Gras Mask Template 

Cat Health Folder 

Coin Envelope Template 

4×4 Envelope 

A2 Envelope 

Fortune Cookie 


Bib Overall Card 

Baby Bib

Onesie (Baby Vest) Card 



Teacup Card 


Lady’s Shoe 

Cowboy Boot

Wine Bottle Card 

Beverage Can Card 

Little Black Dress 

Baseball Cap Card 

Fan Card 

Egg Card 

Bladed Fan 

Triptych Card #1 Template 

Triptych Card #2 Template 

Triptych Card #3 Template 


Lady’s Sandal 

Lady’s Boot 


Kimono #1 

Kimono #2 


Bird House 

Mason Jar 

From Mardar:

Mardars Christmas Printables

Boxes and Bags

Boxes and Bags page 2

Tags of all kinds

Book Marks of all kinds

Glass Blocks


Cards and Envelopes

Recipe cards and pages

Wrappers &Toppers

Mardars Valentine Printables

Themed Printables

Stationary & Post-it

Scrapbook items

Party Packs

Kids Corner


Paint can covers

Clock faces, all kinds

Tea Bag Tiles

From Papercraft Inspirations:

Christmas Templates

Link to the Free Downloadable Templates

March Templates Page 2 (Shirt & Jeans Pocket)