M&M / Skittles/ Mike&Ikes pill bottle labelspillbottle2


I have had a few people email me, very upset over this idea. I can understand why! Please note that if children see this and see it with candy in it, and eat candy out of it, they may think that all pill bottles hold candy.

For that reason (and its easier to get this bottles) I have chnaged the bottle I use. I ordered these new bottles from Amazon, here is the info, I ordered, Polystyrene Plastic Snap Cap Vials: 12 Drams (1 1/8″ x 2 5/8″): Pack of 25


rs_pills newpillbottle1

We used this for a appreciation gift idea.

They are our “M&M” pills, I was able to get some empty new pill bottles, along with lids from Walgreen’s for 10 cents each. I then filled each with some M&Ms. You could use Skittles also. If you put skittles in it you will need to change the Dr’s name from Dr. Choc A Lot to something else.

M&M / Skittles/ Mike&Ikes pill bottle labels

Here is another one I did for my sisters birthday