AUGUST 26, 2017 Expo Registration

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2017 EXPO Registration
We will continue offering a chance for each parent to win a big raffle prize, they will need to stop by each of the vendors booths and get a stamp, once they have visited each booth they can drop their card off in to the raffle bucket! We are hoping this will help you get a chance to visit with each parent and school!
These address boxes are strange, when you fill it out, the "what is needed info" for that box is below it,....I hope that makes sense... so there are 2 lines for the actual address, zip code goes in the very bottom one.
A number where you can be reached day of Expo
If you are selling a product or engaging in a service subject to transaction privilege tax please include you TPI number. *See more info about this on the Web page about the Expo
Do you have a web site that you want listed?
Please tell us about your business, this information will be use on our web site, so list anything you wanted listed.
Please list any References you may have of other schools you have worked with, this information will also be listed on the web site.
Booths DO NOT include tables, we do provide 2 chairs for each booth, but you must bring your own table, if you would like us to provide a table for you, there will be a extra $20.00 Charge. If you need electricity for your booth, there will be an extra $50.00 charge. Spots will electricity are numbered!
All Vendors are required to donate a raffle item. Please let us know what the raffle item will be. We will hold the raffle at the morning breakfast, a certificate will be given to the winner, and they will be directed to pick up their prize at your booth. The raffle prize must be worth $25.00 or more. It may be an item you sell, or a Gift Card worth a at least $25.00
By Clicking Submit, With consideration of the fees paid and the rules and regulations agreed to, I accept the conditions of the Vendor Expo booth/space on April 26th 2017 Please allow 2-3 business days for us to get back to you after your have submitted your registration. We will let you know by email if you have been approved. Once approved please mail us a check. Once approved please mail us a check. We will provided you the mailing information. We must receive your payment to guarantee your spot. Thanks