What is a TPT and why do we require it?

Why do we require a TPT license to attend the VNet Expo?

Our Expo has the sole purpose of introducing your business to the volunteers, teachers, families and students that call Gilbert Public School District “home”. Those same individuals and families rely on Transaction Priviledge Taxes (sales taxes) to support the public safety, parks, pools and recreation programs that add to the quality of our community outside the school day.

Our local businesses are required to register their business and pay additional fees for operating and maintaining a business location. In addition, State Statutes and Local Ordinances require that all taxable business operators maintain the required licenses. A TPT license is a required license that is to be on display at the business location or produced upon request. Gilbert tax is reported along with the State tax on the same monthly form. If you have a Arizona Tax ID number, you only need provide a copy of that license. If you need to apply for a TPT number you may do so at www.azdor.gov under the forms category. You will select the TPT option, the application is titled JT-1.

Even though some businesses will not be ‘selling’ a product at the Expo, we anticipate that your exposure here will allow you to sell products and services to the schools throughout the year. In order to be in compliance with local ordinances, all businesses must provide the Arizona TPT or provide a signed exemption form (Form 5000) for verification.

Here are some links for more information:



Or you can contact Linda Kramar, tax specialist for the Town of Gilbert, at 480 503-6852.

You can fax a copy of your TPT or Form 5000 to 480 507-1320 or mail it to:

891 E. Warner Rd.

Ste 100-85

Gilbert AZ 85233

We feel fortunate to have high quality companies like yours interested in supporting our fundraising groups and community! Feel free to contact us if you have additional questions,


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